Whether credit vouchers, registration vouchers, office vouchers, gift vouchers, etc., vouchers issued by the Ecstatic Living office, which can be applied towards registration for select Ecstatic Living events, are valid for one year from the date that they are issued and hold the following restrictions:

  • Non-combinable. Vouchers cannot be combined with other offers (whether with another voucher, partial scholarship, early bird discount, discretionary discount, etc.).
  • Non-transferrable. Vouchers once applied to a registration cannot be transferred to another registration.
  • Non-retroactive. Vouchers cannot be applied towards previous registrations.
  • Non-assignable. Vouchers cannot be assigned to another person.
  • Non-convertible. Vouchers cannot be converted into any form of cash or refund.
  • Selective. Vouchers are valid for select Ecstatic Living events only.
  • Discretionary. Vouchers are issued at the sole discretion of the Ecstatic Living office.

Vouchers are sometimes known as transfer credits which fall under the same policies as described above, except are valid strictly towards registration for a specific event/date unless indicated otherwise in writing.

Note: Vouchers are not valid unless issued in writing.